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Image de Artur D.

Take Me To Annecy, created in 2019, is an identity brand inspired and driven by the desire to symbolize the art of living in Annecy and Haute Savoie.

races routes , created in 2017, offers graphic work and creates posters of your routes (running, cycling, swimming ...) by taking the route in a sober and elegant way.

Both based in Annecy, races routes & Take Me To Annecy share the same social and environmental values. They have chosen to collaborate on a capsule collection around Lake Annecy in order to raise public awareness about this incredible place.


Lake Annecy, nicknamed the “Blue Lake” for its beautiful color, is one of the cleanest lakes in the world.

Enriched by its very varied flora and fauna, it has several nature reserves. This vast expanse of water with emerald reflections has been protected since the 1950s in order to keep the purity of its water and the magnificent setting that we know today.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Take Me To Annecy and races routes are collaborating today in order to raise awareness about the protection of this majestic space which tends to be weakened by the hand of Man, with this poster wink to the lake immortalized by Cézanne.

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